Splashtop SOS Remote Access Support

PartNerd Group uses Splashtop SOS remote access tools for remote support.

We are able to remote support our clients by installing a secure application or single-use temporary applet that allows us to collect machine diagnostics (performance statistics, hardware specs, and log files) as well as view and remotely manage the computer.

Click the connection button if you have been directed to this page by a technician to be redirected to our SolarWinds Remote Support Portal.

Click the support button if you need to open a new case with our technicians.



Frequently Asked Questions

Has my email been hacked?

Email “spoofing” or faking the address it is being sent from is much more common than someone actually getting access to your email account. Still, changing the password to your email account is a safe action.

How often should I change my password?

The recommendations used to be every 30, 90, or 180 days but the experts are suggesting the more often you change, the more likely you will use weak passwords. The latest recommendations are to make a more complex password and use a password manager such as LastPass, DashLane, or 1Password.

Do I need a new computer?

Maybe, but in most cases there are steps to clean up and small hardware improvements that can breathe new life into an older computer. We prefer to extend the life of your current computer.

We are moving to new office space. When should I involve IT?

The right time to involve your IT team is in the early planning stages. When the architect is drawing the designs the planning for where to locate the network closet, data connections, and cabling should be crafted. 

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