We are experienced IT engineers, architects, project managers, developers, builders, fixers, and puzzle-solvers.


Since 2009, Partnerd Solutions has serviced clients of all sizes (from 2 to 200) with 75% of the clients and business from the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce.
In 2014 Partnerd Solutions merged with Jiraffe Group (who had been in business since 2001) to form PartNerd Group, LLC. We have earned every new client by referral and are proud of the relationships we build with our customers.



“To Provide Exceptional IT Support”
Our business philosophy is that every business deserves access to exceptional IT support; that you don’t have to employ a full IT department to get what you need to be successful in business; that the right thing to do is always right; that you should never pass up an opportunity to add value.


The cleverness with which we approach everything we do.


Some people think we just can’t spell the word “partnered”, but our play on words is intentional. Our multifaceted approach to solving problems uses a combination of all the best traits of our experiences
  • as engineers who dive right in and fix the problem,
  • as project managers where we are taught to step back and make sure we are fixing the correct problem,
  • as business owners where we often must make choices between functionality and finances,
  • as teachers who need to translate geek to non-geek, and
  • as nerds who, by definition, are “intelligent but single-minded experts.”

Our Services



Managed IT Services

Network Support
Desktop Support
24×7 Monitoring

Cloud Business Services

Cloud Integration
Hosted Services
Microsoft Azure
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Microsoft Office 365

Professional Services

Network Assessments
Technical Project Management
Strategic Planning
Change Management
Disaster Recovery Planning
Business Process Analysis
Software Development


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